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Food Industry Outlook 2018/2019

We are proud to present you the FSIN Food Industry Outlook 2018/2019 with a new, fresh and contemporary look! With this Outlook we can provide you with the latest facts, analysis, insights and outlooks at the start of the year, allowing you to rely on them in the coming and following year.

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New times

14 maart 2018 - The food sector is doing well! The growth of out of home consumer sales (4.1%) heralds new times. This year, out of home food consumption is expected to reach a total turnover of almost € 20 billion - figures that have never been achieved in the Netherlands before. In the new FSIN Food Industry Outlook 2018/2019, we briefly discuss the trends and developments of the past year and list the provisional market figures for 2017. But above all, we look to the future. We present you the expectations for 2018 with a clear interpretation of current and future trends.

Growing food market

In 2018 and 2019, the food market will continue to develop along two main axes: the convenience axis - think of convenience stores and online food (delivery) - and the experience axis; concepts and products in the premium and also in the discount segments especially thrive.

You can read all about it in this FSIN Food Industry Outlook 2018/2019 - including what it all means for wholesalers and suppliers. There are plenty of opportunities: consumers eat more frequently out-of-home, the number of consumption moments is growing and blurred concepts in particular will want to show more craft and will need more (ultra-fresh) semi-finished products.

As FSIN team, we have worked enthusiastically on this edition of the FSIN Food Industry Outlook 2018/2019. We hope you will enjoy reading it and that you will use it to (further) support your policy plans.

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Jan-Willem Grievink                Inga Blokker

FSIN Director                          FSIN Deputy Director

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